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e-Pragati Academy is setup as an online platform to elevate the level of internal competency and capability in the areas of utilising e-Pragati core platform and other critical areas of ICT management which includes portfolio management, governance and leadership, strategy and planning, operations management, government transformation, benefits realisation, procurement, vendor and contract management, cyber security, and digital government.

The mission of the academy is to “develop the next generation of Enterprise Architects, Business, Project & Program Analysts contributing to Government goals, stewardship and advancing the profession”, with it’s core principles being:

  • Fulfil government needs
  • Foster lifelong learning
  • Engage leaders as faculty
  • Enable organisation innovation
  • Advance profession

The E-Pragati focus areas shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Government enterprise architecture / e-Government architecture
  2. Strategic IT sourcing and acquisition
  3. IT performance management and benefits realization
  4. Digital transformation
  5. IT planning, management and governance
  6. Legal and regulatory considerations in an IT environment
  7. IT project, program and portfolio management
  8. Cybersecurity policy and technology
  9. Application modernization
  10. Open data and open government
  11. Strategy and architecture for government leaders
  12. Government service design, development and provisioning
  13. ICT for development and building a digital economy